Salt Workshop for Bradley Carbone Recovery Fund

In July, we auctioned off a salt making workshop with all proceeds going towards the Bradley Carbone Recovery Fund. Brad is an amazing human and NYC/Hamptons friend, you can read his story here:

On October 18th, we held the workshop for the auction winners at Swordfish Beach Club in Westhampton. Meg and Tim Carbone just happened to be at the beach during the workshop, which made it all the more special. The workshop attendees took their water home at the end of the lesson to finish their product. Iā€™m happy to report that they have sent me numerous pictures of their homemade sea salt and are very happy with their results!

We will post our spring and summer salt making workshops in the up coming months. Did you see the photos from our first workshop in Southampton for the SoFo Museum?

You can still support Bradley HERE