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Shelly's Sea Salt Tin

Obsessed with salt and need a pocket size travel salt? Or maybe you want to try one of our products without buying a full ounce? Our 7 gram tins are a great add on to any order! These little guys have a clear front that pops on and off with ease. The best way to describe their size is to touch your pointer finger with the tip of your thumb!! 


** HICKORY SMOKED will be back in stock as of 12/5! If you choose Hickory Smoked, your product will ship on or after 12/5. THANK YOU**

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Small Batch Handmade Sea Salt- 1 Ounce

Our original flavor- tastes just like the ocean! We make our handmade sea salt in small batches and sell within weeks of harvest. This makes a perfect gift for dinner party or holiday. This salt packs an unexpectedly expected salty, clean taste. Great for finishing (but I'm known to throw it in my pasta water just as much as I'd throw it on my brownies), and for adding that little east coast, northern Atlantic touch!

Ingredients: Sea salt.

To order in larger quantities, please email us directly:


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Sea Salt Texturizing Hair Mist

We needed a hair cure all- beachy waves, clean-non annoying-scent, and a plastic bottle that won't smash into smithereens when we clumsily drop it on the bathroom floor. We take some of our homemade sea salt and mix it with water, lavender oil, and jojoba oil to create our Sea Salt Texurizing Hair Mist. This formula has been tried and tested by trusted hair stylists and many BFFs that have no problem sharing their opinion. Choose the 8 ounce for home or the 3.4 ounce for travel (we keep it in our bag even when we're not traveling!).

How to use: Shake well! Spritz ends liberally, scrunch hair towards roots to shape or create finger curls/waves. Repeat for more texture and volume. Great in wet or dry hair. Can be used in styling and blowouts to create more grit and texture.

*Apply patch test to skin before use to ensure that this is a product for you!

Ingredients: Water, our homemade SEA SALT, jojoba oil, and lavender oil.

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