Last SoFo Workshop of Summer 2015

We had another amazing How to Make Sea Salt workshop a few weekends ago. Another one of our ongoing summer partnerships with the wonderful South Fork Natural History Museum. Another large crowd of future salt makers met us at Road D in Southampton for a morning of harvesting, ocean safety, discussing the different ways you can use your homemade sea salt. This is the third workshop we've done with SoFo and we haven't had a repeat attendee! We look forward to continuing the partnership next summer!

Shelly harvesting a full bucket of fresh Atlantic Ocean sea water while workshop attendees gather water in their containers and buckets at Road D beach in Southampton, NY.

Shelly harvesting a full bucket of fresh Atlantic Ocean sea water while workshop attendees gather water in their containers and buckets at Road D beach in Southampton, NY.

Please Make sure to check out the Fall events and workshops!

Limited Edition: Truffle Salt

Last weekend we debuted our limited run, Black Truffle Sea Salt Blend. The truffles were sourced from our WHB Farmer's Market friends at Open Minded Organics. The outcome is a buttery, sweet/salty, magical flavor. We highly suggest purchasing while supplies last. Please stop by the farmer's market and give it a try! Cost: 1 ounce, $20. 4 ounce, $50.


Second annual salt making workshop with SoFo Museum


With a storm looming over Road D in Southampton, our second SoFo x SSSS summer workshop went off without a hitch! Big thanks to all of the attendees! We made so many new friends and had some great questions. If you attended and made your own salt, please send us pictures! We look forward to seeing some of you at our next workshop on August 29th!!

Salt Making Workshops with SoFo Museum

We are excited to announce this season's salt making workshops through the South Fork Natural History Museum! The first workshop for beginners will be next Saturday, July 18th at 10am at a beach in Southampton (tbd) and we will go through the basics of salt making, ocean safety, and salt history. The second workshop will be held on Saturday, August 29th and will have some of the same content in addition to how to make blends, how to make scrubs, and other uses for salt. The workshops are priced $7 for adults, $5 for children (Age 3-12), and free for 2 and under. To register, please call 631-537-9735 To read more about their other workshops and events click here. See excerpts from the website with course descriptions to the left of this text. Ohh and you can see pictures from last years workshop HERE! Hope to see you there!

New Stockists

Missed the market and need to get your hands on some salt or sea salt texture spray? Shelly Sells Sea Salt can now be found in the following east end shops!:  

Revolve Salon - Southampton, NY

This beautiful, eco-friendly salon now carries our Sea Salt Texture Hair Spray. 


Atlantic Seafood- Center Moriches, NY

The shark-mouth entrance is the best landmark in Moriches! You should totally pop into this family ran seafood store for their amazing fish, shellfish, side dishes, and of course our sea salt (in all sizes!). 


Mambo Kitchen- Westhampton Beach, NY

And finally, you can find us on Main Street at the lovely Mambo Kitchen. Make sure you grab an iced coffee and crepe from this awesome spot in WHB. Bonus- they serve wine till 9 on weekends!  


Farmer's Market Success

Last weekend's farmer's market was a huge success!! It was great to finally meet some members of the WHB Chamber of Commerce and our neighboring vendors. Big thanks to our friends, fans, and family fobs stopping by! We look forward to seeing you all (and new faces) this weekend. Please stop by and try our sea salt texture hairspray for a beach-y look. Again, we are so grateful for all of the support so far, we are very lucky to have such an awesome locally-minded food community.

Westhampton Beach Farmer's Market


I am beyond excited to announce that we are joining the list of vendors at the Westhampton Beach Farmer's Market for the 2015 season. You can find us there every Saturday from 9am-1pm starting next week (May 2nd)!! Please stop by to say hello, try some salt, buy some salt, or tell me what store in Westhampton you saw my father in that week.  I can't begin to tell you how much this means to our small, local company. It has been a dream since we incorporated to be apart of the Farmer's Market in our home town. Like I said, please stop by and visit, even if it's only to say "Good Morning"! :)



We made some realllll pretty, flakey salt this weekend! This has been one of the best winters for salt making in years! So excited to everyone to taste this batch!

We made some realllll pretty, flakey salt this weekend! This has been one of the best winters for salt making in years! So excited to everyone to taste this batch!

Go To Meals

Go To Meals will be a reoccurring installment of what I'm whipping up in the kitchen and throwing a ton of salt on. These meals are not tested in a test kitchen or 'developed' to any extent. They are just an exploration into the use of our homemade sea salt. 

The staple items of my diet are (in no particular order) olive oil, salt, eggs, greens (usually arugula or kale), fresh crushed black pepper, olives (all kinds), lemons, and Locatelli Pecorino Romano cheese. With these items, I can make endless combinations.

Today's meal looks a bit elevated, but it was super simple. I had pack of sweet Italian sausage that NEEDED to be used. I took the sausage out of the casing and fried the whole pack on the range with two shallots chopped and bit of olive oil. When it cooked down a bit, I threw in a heavy splash of Montepulciano (red wine) that I was drinking while preparing this meal. On the other burner, I started a creamy polenta. I always have polenta on hand for emergencies and non emergencies- everyone should have polenta in their cupboard. I boiled 2 cups of a half water, half almond milk mixture (don't judge!) and slowly added Romano cheese and a hefty amount of fresh pepper. I usually will use a chicken stock or regular milk with polenta, but the almond milk was the only other liquid available. A real polenta recipe that looks great!

For the arugula, it was simply tossed with a squeeze of lemon juice, salt, pepper, and a small drizzle of olive oil.

Lastly, and the main part of this dish, is something I've been working on for the last few months. My favorite Italian restaurants in the city are the Frank restaurants in the East village and Lower East Side- Sauce, Supper, Lil Frankie's and Frank's. Seriously, I could eat at any of these every night. Drooling just thinking about it. Anyway, if you follow their owner, Frank Prisinzano on Instagram you would know that he is the king of the 'crispy egg' and holy cannoli, is this thing amazing! It basically is a fried egg with one side REALLY well done. Smitten Kitchen have a great tutorial here, though I do like mine a bit more burn-y!

For assembly, I try not to pig out on the polenta too much and build the plate up with healthy portions of all components. Top with a ton of fresh SEA SALT. Tahhhdahhh!

Salt Workshop for Bradley Carbone Recovery Fund

In July, we auctioned off a salt making workshop with all proceeds going towards the Bradley Carbone Recovery Fund. Brad is an amazing human and NYC/Hamptons friend, you can read his story here:

On October 18th, we held the workshop for the auction winners at Swordfish Beach Club in Westhampton. Meg and Tim Carbone just happened to be at the beach during the workshop, which made it all the more special. The workshop attendees took their water home at the end of the lesson to finish their product. I’m happy to report that they have sent me numerous pictures of their homemade sea salt and are very happy with their results!

We will post our spring and summer salt making workshops in the up coming months. Did you see the photos from our first workshop in Southampton for the SoFo Museum?

You can still support Bradley HERE

Winter Uniform

This is my typical weekend late fall/winter/early spring outfit. I’ve tried everything from rain boots, knee high boots, and waders, but nothing compares to my trustworthy wet suit for mobility and warmth. I’m able to really get in past the shore break and not feel like I’m being held down by material.

My new lifesavers: These rubber dipped booties by Rip Curl. Holy cannoli! They keep my feet SUPER warm and dry. Walking on the wet and dry sand is 100x easier with these babies. Big thanks to our friends at Island Surf for hooking it up!

The Summer of the Party Favor

This past summer was exceptionally busy due to large favor orders. It was a pleasure to be apart of so may wonderful events and celebrations! Jonathan and Katie’s engagement party favors were made extra special- I harvested the water from the bride’s hometown (and favorite!) beach! The bride’s sister surprised Katie with these favors as well as sourcing these cute cork/glass bottles! We custom designed the hang tags and matched their wedding colors with the twine. If you would like to inquire about large or custom orders, shoot us an email!