Homemade, Small Batch, Atlantic Ocean Sea Salt

Shelly Sells Sea Salt, Inc. is a wonderful business based in Westhampton Beach, New York. And this is the area that I will explain what, where, and how! More text to come. Thanks for visiting!

Eventually there will be a great explanation here about my salt company, how the salt is made, where I source my water, and all of that fun stuff! STAY TUNED

Sorry to make you read another line about how I will eventually write about my salt company. Feel free to visit us on instagram! @shellysellsseasalt enjoy our well curated collection of beach and food photography!

Fun fact: We have edible salt and salt products for the hair and body!

We are at the Westhampton Beach Farmer's Market until Thanksgiving weekend. Make sure you come visit us and try both of our product lines! Hopefully by that last weekend I will have our company bio/statement finished!

Hopefully this is my last sentence about nothing. I could have written my full bio/company statement by now. Go figure. Thanks for visiting and reading!!

xx Shelly (read about me and my wonderful family below)



Meet Shelly


For a true Long Islander who grew up steps away from the Atlantic Ocean, it only made sense that Michele Martuscello found mermaid-like hobbies. Combine her Italian roots (passion for food and family) along with her love of the sea (her nickname, Shelly, didn’t hurt either) and the only direction to go was sea salt!

Like most Italians, Shelly's happiest memories happened around the table with her family. After an action filled day at the beach and then in the kitchen with her mom and dad preparing dinner, she says “It doesn’t get much better than some really good wine, yummy bread, and homemade pasta with, of course, a sprinkle of our family's sea salt.”

The mellow days at the Martuscello house usually end in evening walks on the beach for Shelly and her mom. It’s where the idea of making sea salt came to life. They harvest it straight from the Atlantic, then purify it, to create a delicious, fine, natural salt.

Please contact Michele through this site or email (shellyseasalt@gmail.com) for inquires and orders.

Words: Natalie Roterman, 2012  9Bowsandfrosting@blogspot.com   Editor: Alyssa Dineen Lund, 2013 alyssadineen.com